Phuc Quach

is a growth marketer specializing in customer acquisition on Facebook and Instagram.

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Hi, I’m Phuc (foo) 👋

Previously, I worked in tech, helping startups like Leap Motion work more efficiently. Now, I’m using my skills in web development, user experience, and marketing to help brands master the Facebook platform.

We often think of the Facebook platform as a channel, when in reality, it’s an integral part of almost every business’s customer journey. It’s where customers first learn about your brand on Facebook and Instagram, where they follow and engage with you, and where the customer relationship continues long after the first purchase.

As a growth marketer, I don’t just look at the ad account and the creatives because that’s just one piece of the puzzle—I look at the entire customer experience and that includes the website, the social media accounts, the email marketing, even the support channels.

By making sure every piece is optimized and having a consistent strategy for all channels, you’ll be able to get the most out of Facebook advertising and increase your ad spend to reach more customers, get a higher return on ad spend, or both.

To achieve this, I partner with your team to drive improvements that will translate into business growth, and I work well with designers and developers because I’ve been in their shoes before.

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Building a foundation for growth

We start with an audit. It might sound scary, but just like how you’d see a doctor to check up on your health, we want to make sure your website and ecommerce store are healthy and converting visitors into repeat customers. I look at over 60 points covering site performance, user experience, and conversion rate optimization. I make note of what we can improve right away that’ll give us the biggest impact for the amount of effort, and save the harder improvements for when the time is right.

I make sure the Facebook Pixel is set up and all key standard events are tracking correctly. This will allow us to create custom audiences for retargeting and powerful Lookalike Audiences for scaling and expanding your reach. I also make sure Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and event tracking are in place. These tools will helps us understand what visitors are clicking on, what they’re reading, and where they’re leaving the site from. By addressing areas on the site that are confusing or have too much friction, we can plug the leaky parts of the funnel in preparation for the next stage: testing and scaling.

Test, optimize, scale

Your marketing funnel is your engine for growth, and every business needs a front-end and a back-end funnel. The front-end funnel converts cold audiences to paid customers and the back-end funnel focuses on those paid customers to promote repeat purchases, cross-sells, and upsells and increase customer lifetime value. I can design and build these funnels based around your needs and budget.

The key to these funnels is to deliver ads with the right message at the right time, based on the user’s actions. With cold audiences, for example, we need to capture their attention since they don’t know about the brand, so we may use lead magnets, blog post ads, Instagram Stories, or short educational short videos to educate them on what your product or service is and what the benefits are. When cold audiences show strong interest by visiting a product page or following the brand’s Instagram page, we move these qualified leads further down the funnel and retarget with a different series of ads. For these warm audiences, we may want to focus on building social proof and show ads with customer reviews or influencer testimonials. By tailoring ads for different steps of the funnel, we can deliver an experience that’s relevant and helpful.

Once the right funnels are in place, we can start testing creatives and audiences. With creatives, there are many ways to go it, but I believe if you focus on providing value in every communication, then you will have a strong relationship with your customer. Generally, I prefer brands offer advice around the problems their product or service solves because ultimately, you want to be the trusted authority in the space you’re selling in. That will make it harder for any competitor to compete with and your engagement rates on Facebook, Instagram, and email will be above average and the algorithms will reward you with better CPMs and better placement on the feeds.

As we find winning creatives and audiences from the testing phase, we move them into campaigns for scaling. I will make sure to take advantage of scaling strategies including ones that involve Campaign Budget Optimization, and have automatic rules in place to pause underperforming campaigns and throttle high-converting ones. As more traffic comes to the site, we’ll use the data to further optimize the site to make sure everything in your engine of growth is running optimally.

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